Simply Delicious Sunday – New Meme for 2009

I participate in a few food oriented memes – let’s face it, I like to cook. I participated in Scrumptious Sunday until she shut down her blog. I tried to contact her to keep the meme going, but never heard back. I’d love to keep the name, but don’t feel right doing it without her blessing so I changed the name a bit and hope you will all play along too. I’m still working on some better buttons…but we’ll see about those.

I know that in these busy times I also liked having a theme or two to work towards and knowing about it in advance. I think I’d prefer having a monthly theme and making 3 weeks of the month a free for all. I found a site, American Food and Drink Days, that has not only the months, but specific days also that could be fun. What do you all think?


Of course we’ll have a Mr. Linky every week so you can easily access each others recipes. I thought we’d start fresh with 2009. Are you interested? Let me know your thoughts and we’ll make this a work in progress.

final blog signature.