Shhhhhhhhhh this is my secret project for Hubby ~ anARMY quilt

Shhhhhhhhhhhh this is my secret Christmas gift roject for Hubby – his ARMY quilt.

I’ve had the pieces cut since before his last deployment in 2003. I thought for sure with the horrendous time we had during that deployment, the surgery after it, the major retirement from the ARMY and the red tape to go with it and the cross country move that this quilt was destined to become a UFO (unfinished fabric object), but alas I still have 3 days until Christmas and think I’ll actually make it in time.

I love this pattern. It’s called Yellow Brick Road by Atkinson. It goes together quickly and offers a lot of variation and is very forgiving.

The squares are done. Now for some sashing, borders and backing. Wish me luck.

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And yet another side of Tamy! I love it and now I know who to bug when I finally get around to working on Emi’s quilt! 🙂

It really is, well, I was going to say lovely (and it is) but does lovely go with a camo quilt? But it is totally rockin’!

Cheers, Kiy