Camera Critters ~ Mom we're bored!!

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Mom we’re borrrrrrrrred!! Gunner will sit and whine and whimper until he gets his way, but the weather has still been so cold and snowy here that they just aren’t getting any decent outside time and are becoming super bored!!

I have never had a dog that uses pillows like Whiskey does. She’ll actually rearrange the couch with her snout until she’s comfortable.

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These kinds of scenes are soooo familiar especially since I’ve become a Blogger … Molly thinks she seldom gets enough attention any more.
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Sparky and Meesha have been doing the boredom thing as well. Weather is getting better though !!

Both will rearrange the pillows, on the couch and any throw rugs that happen to be on it, so that they have a nest.

Meesha will do the same on the bed. Sparky just burrows under the covers and pulls them over him with his teeth ..


What cuties!!! Mine are whining because they are temporarly tied out! I know the neighbors will be happy when we finish the fence!


Awww poor Gunner, he looks so sad. Whiskey reminds me of my buddy he is the same way but with blankets. He loves blankets to be all around and on him! Very cute pics!


My Pyewacket does that with her bedding. She rearranges it. She tries to rearrange me in bed. She kicks and pushes… it’s like sleeping with a kangaroo!


Awwwwww poor Gunner, he truly looks bored and ready for some good outside weather. It’s funny how Whiskey arranges the pillows.