House Update ~ Chronicles of a Real Estate Nightmare ~ Amber's Room ~ Part 4

Amber’s room was not part of the mold issue, it was just ugly. It originally had a drab gray paneling and the molding was not done very well. The interim before pictures below don’t look so bad with just primer, but believe me it needed painted. The previous, previous owner had built a built-in desk in the alcove area and shelves above it for his daughter Amy which was cute, but not made very well and was now 25+ years old so we tore it apart and use the alcove for the dressers instead. We never got more than the primer on the walls before it started being used as a guest room.


See what I mean about the molding?

Hubby has been a real trooper getting everything done on this house since so much of it wasn’t even planned. I did the cutting in and the trim work while hubby did the rolling. We started early and finished just about dinner time after 2 coats of BEHR Oklahoma Wheat which dried very quickly.

We do need to do the molding around the ceiling after the room has dried a bit more. We’re going to stain it to match the closet and bedroom doors. It will give great contrast to the Oklahaoma Wheat on the walls and the Innocence on the ceiling. I just love the blues and sage green against the warm walls.

Amber, your room is ready!
final blog signature.

oh my goodness tamy i love my room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i cant wait to come back and sleep at my home again..

i cant wait to be truley happy again..:'( im crying right now .. oh my goodness.. i miss you so much tamy i miss everyone.. i was so happy at your home.. i felt special .. i felt wanted and loved like i belonged there…

thank you tamy so much for always being there for me…. im crying so much i ant see the screen…

5mins later

ok still crying but atleast i can see what im typing..

tamy im so happy and greatful to have you in my life you are my hero.. i look up to you so much when it comes to life desicion.. your an intelgent women that i think is one of the greatest people in the world and the best role model to a teenager and to anyone as a matter a fact…

you have always been there for me no matter what i do..

you have been the best aunt/mom figure to me ever.. your amazing and so speacial to me i miss you so much …

i miss you guys so much .. i miss my family !!!!

i love you tamy!!!

just to let you know im going to be saving up my pay checks ..

and be prepared that you will have a almost adult in her room and with her family that i she loves and misses to death..

i dont know how you do it… i dont know how you wake up every morning and be the best person you can be everyday…

i could write a complete book on how great a person you are and how you have shaped me to the person i am today…

i love you tamy and see you soon..

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~

Thanks – I can’t wait until this nightmare is over! Funny part is that I have fallen in love with the house despite the hassles, but it was supposed to be an investment, a stepping stone to our future not a permanent landing location.