House Update ~ Chronicles of a Real Estate Nightmare ~ Stairway ~ Part 5A

We’re moving right along this week. It was just too cold to go outside so we’ve been trying to accomplish inside projects. If you’ll remember we stripped these walls of their UGLY wall boards, made repairs and did fresh texture paint. Today started the paint portion of the project which will be the same Oklahoma Wheat that we used in the living room and yesterday in Amber’s room.
The ceiling is painted BEHR Innocence white like the ceiling in Amber’s room and all of Kathryn’s room. The door casings will be Innocence White also, but semi-gloss which we thought we had, but will get on Monday. They were painted that dark beige you see, but it just looks like muddy water to me. We still have to finish the foyer tomorrow.

The banister spindles will also be painted with the semi-gloss BEHR Innocence White and the wood work cleaned and polished. It has been neglected for many years. The stairs are going to be sanded and painted brick red. Uh-oh I forgot to put the light back together.

This house also had NO linen closet anywhere! We added thes cabinets to make one upstairs just outside the bathroom and did a similar one downstairs just outside that bathroom. What a difference a linen cabinet makes. Here’s a sneak peek at one of the 2 quilts that will hang from the quilt hanger in the foyer. I have an almost matching one I hope to finish this weekend for the smaller of the two quilt hangers. This is a red, white and blue Yellow Brick Road.
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It is all coming together so nicely! I know you’ll be so glad to be finished, but you will also get to relax in the home YOU created, and that will be so special.


Tamy, the room is looking beautiful.

I’m glad you have a linen closet now, too.

I feel so LAZY when I look at all you and your husband are accomplishing. 😛