Menu Plan Moday

I’m following suit with Sandra over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom and will only be posting my menus every other week. Because of the distance we lived to base we only shopped once a month so I always have the entire month’s menu made in advance, but I have only been posting it weekly for Menu Plan Monday. This will be another effort to save me on posts.

Weekday breakfasts are always either toast, scrambled eggs or cereal so I don’t post those. Working from home, lunch is “whatever” so it isn’t definitive either, but weekends are usually a brunch and I will start posting those along with the dinners.

Monday ~ Hamburger Steaks
Tuesday ~ Polynesian Chicken Pasta Salad
Wednesday ~ Taco Ring
Thursday ~ Snowbound Casserole
Friday ~ Creamy Tomato Soup
Saturday ~ Oven Poached Eggs & Pot Roast & Veggies
Sunday ~ Buttermilk Cinnamon Pancakes & Jambalaya
Monday ~ Crockpot Pork Chops & Scalloped Potatoes
Tuesday ~ Ortega Chile Bake
Wednesday ~ Split Pea Soup
Thursday ~ Beef Stroganoff
Friday ~ Meatloaf Muffins & Salad
Saturday ~ Quiche Lorraine & Pot Roast & Veggies
Sunday ~ S.O.S. aka S@#$ on a Shingle & Swedish Meatballs

I participate in the memes: Menu Plan Monday hosted by Laura at I’m an Organizing Junkie, Favorite Ingredient Friday hosted by Kathryn at Overwhelmed with Joy, Freezer Food Friday hosted by MJ at mjpuzzlemom, Homemaker Mondays hosted by Robyn at 11th Heaven’s Homemaking Haven, Making a Happy Home Monday hosted by LL at As for me and my house…, Tempt My Tummy Tuesday hosted by Lisa at Blessed with Grace, Slow Cooking Thursday & Tips on Tuesday hosted by Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom, $5 Dinners is hosted by Erin at $5 DInners and Tempt my Tummy Tuesday hosted by Lisa at Blessed with Grace. Doing them all make great additions to help keeping me on track and finding so new recipes!

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Your menu looks great. I used to do that too (shop the comm once a month – distance and easier) and then do the little local market for fresh stuff. Gosh, I can’t believe I actually miss that time of my life, lol!

You know, I still haven’t tried any of your baked eggs yet and I really want to. Except, I don’t cook bacon. EVER. In my house. Ever. No, stop laughing, really. I hate the mess. Suggestions on something else? (And no, not in the micro either – bigger mess!)

Cheers, Kiy

P.S. Gosh I’m a pain in the butt, but that’s okay … dh tells me that all the time. I think it means he loves me. Right?