Menu Plan Monday

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks


Soup Rib Sticking Winter Soup Celery
Tuesday Cereal

Sandwiches Hot Wilted Greens Carrots

Wednesday Oatmeal Chili Garlic Shrimp Pasta Celery
Thursday Yogurt Soup

Stuffed Shells

Friday Fruit Salad Sandwiches Lemon Lime Pepper Chicken


♥Saturday♥ ♥Oven Omeletes♥ ♥Tuna Melts♥ ♥Chicken Cacciatore ~ Skillet Style♥ ♥Deviled Eggs♥
Sunday Buttermilk Cinnamon Pancakes Monte’ Cristos Chicken & Onions in Wine Cream Sauce Brownies

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I love the layout of your menu plan.

Oh, and your menu looks good too. I keep forgetting about Monte Cristos. I really need to make them soon.


I’m with Kristen, how did you do that? Gal, you continually amaze me. Tutorial time! 😉

Great menu, wow, even snacks are MP’s now.

Cheers, Kiy


How did you get that great table on your blog? That is exactly what I am looking for for an upcoming post (and menus, too!) Could you drop me a line and tell me? Thanks!!!