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Pretty Yellow Flower today! March seems to have arrived like a LION along the East Coast this year, and we’re in for rain on the West Coast … but I have LOTS of yellow flowers blooming in MY yard here in So Cal and shared some at Happily Retired Gal this morning ;–)
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Oh I hope it does for you too. I hate to tell you this but my daffs are just about already gone by.

I was out this morning getting shots of blooms from my pear tree.

This is just a beautiful close up of this flower…great shot!!

Happy Spring,


Beautiful!! Mine haven’t bloomed yet. This morning it was 8 above zero when I went to work this morning. Suppose to warm up to 23 today! Oh where oh where is spring!!!!!! Have a great day!!


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Oh I just love this blog 3 Sides!! Fantastic. The food and recipes look delish. You can bet I’ll be back. I looked for a place to follow but just didn’t see one?
Please drop by to visit me when you have a chance. Now, I have to run to the grocers to pick up a couple of items to try that Chicken Florentine…..oh, la la!!
(by the way, I loooved the Eleanor Roosevelt quote….she’s a fav or mine :)…..

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We’ve had flowers popping up all over the place around here. =) Hope the weather warms up for you so the flowers will start blooming.