Dream Showcase Wednesday Wishes

Wednesday Wishes is where I can showcase some dreams and desires for the little things AND the big ones too! This week I’ve been wishing for:

Nicole at Baking Bites recently reviewed the Beater Blade and this is an awesome tool for all the bakers in the world. I can’t wait to get one.

She wrote, “One of the biggest problems with a stand mixer is that the mixer blade does not reach all the way down to the bottom of the bowl, so you have to get out a spatula and mix your batter by hand. It’s only an annoyance because the beauty of a stand mixer is that it should be hands-free. Over the past several months, a number of companies have come out with mixer attachments that offer a solution to this problem, and Beater Blade is one of them.

Beater Blade looks like the regular paddle attachment for a mixer, but it has a flexible “wing” that reaches out from the paddle to the bottom of the bowl, so it scrapes the bowl with a soft blade that mixes efficiently without damaging your mixer. The company makes Beater Blades to fit all different styles and brands of electric mixers, including KitchenAid, Viking and DeLonghi, and all the Blades are dishwasher safe.”

We love pancakes and waffles around here, but waffle irons are a pan in the neck. At least they were. Being added to my list is the Pancake Waffle Pan by Nordic Ware offered over at Williams Sonoma.

Paint Shop Pro is another on my wish list. This falls into the I NEED category!! LOL okay so it falls into the I would really, really like category, but they blend together a lot of the time.

Our television is getting quite old and if we got rid of our satellite company we would lose signal completely after the switch over in June. This flat screen is what hubby would like. The Hitachi ultra thin.

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That list would fit perfectly in line with stuff I would wish for, so if you happen to get 2 of any of them, you know where to send them!


Hey – my cappuccino maker DIED and I had to drink DRIP coffee for two days.

I thought I was in heaven this morning when I was able to make my cappuccino. 😉