Freaky Weather and House Update

Oh so much better!

We ran about 2 boxes short of finishing the “old” side of the kitchen and doing all the ‘hand cut’ pieces before the crown molding.

The dining room is done except for edge pieces that need to be handcut.

I was trying to keep my sense of humor while I did inside projects to stay out of the weather and get over my bronchitis. That’s the glue on the back of one of the ceiling tiles.

I loved how the snow was sticking to the light pole in a straight line. This was really wet snow and with the wind blowing was al over the place. I love this tree across the street. It always makes me think Christmas ~ even in mid April.
This was the 3rd time he’d shoveled the driveway in the last 24 hours. I had to laugh this time ~ just after he finished the plow came by and did the street and he had to do the bottom all over again.
final blog signature.

SEE! That’s why I refuse to move back up north again. (Um, please ignore the fact that I live in Washington … it’s not really north and we were promised it never snowed here. Of course both winters have been the worst on record since we moved here … we are bad luck, lol). But really, yuck. Move already gal! 🙂

Cheers, Kiy

P.S. Loved the smilie. 🙂