Kitchen Tidbits

I found this fun cooking quiz over at Kristen’s.

  • Metal or Non-Stick? Metal, definitely. I DO NOT own any non-stick.
  • Cast Iron or Stainless? Both, actually. I too think each has great uses.
  • Cutting Board: Wood or Silicone? Acrylic/silicone.
  • Knife: Carbon Steel or Stainless? Forged carbon steel, please…from Germany if possible. *grin* I borrowed Kristen’s answer here.
  • Kitchen Aid or Hand Mixer? I only use a hand mixer for mashed potatoes. My Professional 6 quart Kitchen Aid is my best kitchen friend too.
  • Apron or Whoops? Half & Half. Although I own many great aprons, I hardly ever remember to put them on before I make messes either.
  • Sandwich or Wrap? Sandwich. There are so many more choices with a sandwich.
  • Pancakes: Applesauce or Syrup? PURE Maple Syrup or cinnamon sugar.
  • Chili: beans or no? Never been a bean person.
  • Chicken: white or dark? Depends – fried chicken dark, other meals white.
  • PB & ______? Homemade chunky apricot pineapple jam.
  • Fridge: Side by Side, Freezer on Top or Freezer on Bottom? Side by side with bottom freezer.
  • Cake: scratch or mix? SCRATCH!!

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