House for sale

Tomorrow is our goal for having the house listed. We are meeting with an great agent tomorrow. Now I don’t have a Realtor’s license, but I grew up around the real estate business and have worked in the field in various ways. So, I know how the business works and was actually quite taken a aback that there are Realtors out there not willing to take on listings. One told us our house wouldn’t sell because “everyone” wants fixers right now (which just isn’t so) and she even told us it would be okay for us get a second opinion. Well duh, if you’re not taking the job, then what we do is our choice, but thanks for the permission.

We really like the attitude of tomorrow’s agent. She’s a go getter, you know the hungry type, a real closer. Our bottom line is that we want to sell the house obviously, but we know what has been done to the house and its value so we are not prepared to give it away no matter how bad we want to go home. So, we will be setting the price and continue to work on the house inside and out until it sells. So, obviously the price will never go down as we continue to make it better and better. This house is almost turn key now so it can only get better.

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