Spice interactions

Omit High Medium Low Very Low
90 to 1,150 mcg 60 to 90 mcg 30 to 60 mcg 10 to 30
5 to 10
kale okra Chinese cabbage tomato paste cashew nuts 1 ounce
collards cabbage lettuce romaine or cos mixed vegetables split peas
spinach rhubarb celery blackberries lima beans
turnip greens plums dried stewed coleslaw blueberries fresh squash winter
beet greens cowpeas or blackeye peas edible pod cabbage red prune juice
mustard greens cabbage Savoy plums dried 5 prunes mangos 1 fruit
Brussels sprouts cabbage artichokes duck (1/2 cooked)
broccoli blueberries frozen grapes red or green salad dressing Italian 1 tbsp
onions Spring or scallion pumpkin cauliflower salad dressing Russian 1 tbsp
dandelion greens peas green carrots beef stew
parsley 10 sprigs tuna fish in oil 3 ounces miso papaya 1 fruit
spinach noodles carrot juice cucumber peeled oat cereal cooked
asparagus spaghetti sauce yellow snap beans pears
sauerkraut mung bean sprouts green snap beans muffins oat bran
endive soybeans cooked vegetable soup soy milk
lettuce green leaf kiwi fruit 1 medium salad dressing French 1 tbsp peppers sweet red
French fried potatoes 1 large fast food serving soup split pea
cauliflower soup clam chowder
raspberries seaweed kelp 2 tbsp
biscuit with egg & sausage fast food (1) chickpeas or garbanzo beans cooked
salad dressing vinegar & oil 1 tbsp fruit cocktail
pine nuts peppers hot chili green
tomatoes fresh chives 1 tbsp
salad dressing blue or Roquefort 1 tbsp peppers hot chili red
bread stuffing 1/2 cup squash summer
turkey patties breaded battered fried 1 patty soup vegetarian vegetable
seeds pumpkin or squash roasted peaches dried 3 halves
lettuce iceberg refried beans
peppers sweet green pinto beans
vegetable juice cocktail avocado 1 ounce
potatoes mashed figs dried (2)
pickle relish 1 tbsp red kidney beans
Asian pear mayonnaise salad dressing 1 tbsp
pickles dill (1) potatoes hash brown
chestnuts apricots canned
plums purple canned sweet potatoes
salad dressing thousand island 1 tbsp tomato juice
alfalfa seed sprouts peaches frozen
fruit leathers 1 ounce
chili con carne
honeydew melon

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