Simple Summer Suppers

Welcome to Simple Summer Suppers!

During the warm summer months there are usually other places I’d rather be besides in the kitchen – like at the beach or in the pool! During the summer I make a lot of main dish salads, subs or sandwich style meals, but that doesn’t have to be boring! Simple Summer Suppers will focus on quick, easy, inexpensive and generally even healthy summertime meals.

Chicken Caesar Pitas are one of my family’s favorites, and talk about easy! Just grab that leftover chicken out of the fridge and slice or shred, mix up a quick Caesar salad – you can even buy it ready to mix in the bag these days if you choose. Throw your pita bread in the oven right on the rack just long enough to warm, about two minutes (I use the whole grain pitas, but that’s up to you)

Pile the salad and chicken on the pita bread, add a bit fresh grated Parmesan cheese, fresh ground pepper, fold and enjoy! This meal tastes even better on paper plates 😉

Note – sliced steak or shrimp are also great in place of the chicken.

I hope you’ll join us with your own Simple Summer Supper ideas!


I’d like to join the meme too and since you’ve mentioned the idea of being a contributor for culture foods then I’m also thinking about it. Pls email me – paciform {at) and please give me inputs how to. 🙂 Thanks…this is a great blog.


I’d like to join here Martha as I have a food blog too, but am not sure coz we have differences in food preferences, culture I may say. 🙂 Please try to check out my food blog and let me know how I’d be able to join, as I still don’t have any idea yet. 🙂