Simple Supper Saturday

We’ve decided to change the name from Simple Summer Suppers to Simple Supper Saturday since it isn’t summer everywhere around the world, and although it’s like summer almost all year here in Florida, summer does actually end, but the meme won’t.

Right now I will still be featuring a lot of main dish salads, subs, or sandwich style meals. Simple Supper Saturday’s overall focus will still be quick, easy and inexpensive meals no matter what time of year it is! Welcome to Simple Supper Saturday!

This week’s it’s another family favorite made from leftover chicken – Chicken Quesadillas!

Just lay out burrito size tortilla shells, top with a thin layer of shredded cheese, then a thin layer of shredded chicken, and again with cheese. Top with an additional tortilla shell and bake at 350 for about 5 minutes or just until the edges just barely start to crisp. That’s it, supper is ready!

Note – These can also be made with leftover steak, ground beef or even just cheese alone. They are great all by themselves, but I like to serve them with shredded lettuce and other various sauces and toppings when serving them for a meal.

I can’t wait to see your Simple Supper ideas!


I love quesadillas and I will have to learn to do this too, since I can only have this when I go to a Mexi-Filipino resto here.

~3 Sides of Crazy~

YUMMY! I broke down during a reallllllllllllly good sale and bought myself a quesadilla maker for $19 instead of the normal $40 and use that almost always anymore! I love a good quesadilla.

a corgi

you are so creative, Martha; seriously, you need to put these down in a cookbook; I think people would be so very interested in it(I know I would)

looks yummy;I think we are going to try these (well, maybe; 3/4 people here might like it; the jury is out on the fourth member, LOL)



Hi!My first time to visit here.Yummy & drooling in here.
Btw,thanks for the visit & for droppin’some line as you left.I tried to find your FTF but sad to say ,can’t find it..sigh…