Easy Sliders – Simple Saturday

Press the ground beef flat onto a cookie sheet and season …

Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes. Get your other goodies together while they cook …

Cut into little squares with a pizza cutter and serve on dinner rolls with the toppings. 
Can’t get much easier than that and the kids love them!
Lilianna Grace

This cookie sheet method is just how I have done it, except with dried onions, onion soup mix or chopped fresh onions. When they are almost fully cooked I add cheese and cook til it’s melted. I then slice them up with a pizza cutter.I’ve served it on regular rolls and hawaiian rolls. My kids LOVE these! I would highly recommend trying them. They are good as leftovers too. My son can just come home from school and reheat them. Great post.


Hope am not late here Martha. Just got the time to post something for Simple Supper which was simply done. Have a Nice Weekend!

a corgi

what a cute idea!! we did something similar this past week where we made little slider size burgers and served them on Hawaiin rolls; that was tasty along with pasta salad