Healthy Helpings – Spinach, Feta & Chick Peas

Sorry for posting this late, this has been a crazy week, one in which I have spent very little time in the kitchen, so I don’t have a new recipe or one with pictures.

This recipe is one that I have made for years and I really love it. I found it in a Prevention Magazine (you know one of those recipes that you clip and you just hang on to it forever?), and from what I found on the internet, it was later published in one of their cook books in 2002.

My favorite thing to serve this with was a nice grilled piece of salmon. It was a favorite meal of mine and my mother’s back when Tara was small.

Spinach, Feta, & Chick Peas

2 (9 ounce) packages frozen spinach, thawed and drained
1/2 cup chick peas (cooked or canned)
1/2 cup feta cheese, crumbled
1 ounce roasted red peppers, minced
1 Heat the spinach in a skillet or in the microwave.
2 Mix in the chickpeas, feta and peppers and serve.

Do you have a favorite healthy recipe you would like to share? I need to get back into the kitchen this next week!