Camera Critters and Rummage Sales

Is hosted by Misty at Camera Critters.

I just couldn’t believe this guy hanging out on the deck while I was out rummage saling the other day. He made a perfect camera critters pose. Momma and baby deer also cooperated for a cute couple of pictures.
I went out in search of a few specific things and found some awesome deals yesterday for next to nothing. I also purchased a new bowling ball at one of our many stops for $10 and that included the carry bag. The finger spread is even correct for my hand though the holes will need to be drilled bigger.
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i beati

somedays when yard saling , it just all works and we have a relaxing good old time. I bought 2 lamos and a fan for $7.00 total 2 weeks ago all in the box– but my scenery wasn’t as good as yours.