Hot Cooking Bands & Food Loops

Stuff it – Roll it – loop it – Cook it ~ These are great for Chicken Kiev, Chicken Cordon Bleu or Pecan encrusted Flank Steak, or… the choices are endless. I see sooooooooooooo many new menu ideas.

Silicone Stretch Hot Cooking Bands are heat resistant to 600 degrees and the silicone food loop trussing tools which are heat resistant to 675 degrees and adjustable from 1-4 inches are my new best friends. These are an awesome replacement for toothpicks and soooooooooooo easy to work with.

The are reusable, dishwasher safe, food safe, non-stick and extremely flexible. They are oven safe, griddle safe and BBQ safe. I just thought I’d share with you.

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Very cool! When I was watching the Julie/Julia movie, I wondered what they used to sew up their stuffed duck, and I bet they didn’t have these to hold it together! I wonder if they make something like this that will dissolve into the food so you don’t have to remove it.