Leftovers Pizza – Monday Munchies

I do a lot of meal stretching. I spend a lot less time in the kitchen during the busy weekdays that way, and it saves a lot of money in the grocery store as well. When I think of stretching out meals I usually think in terms of cooking extra so there are always leftovers – enough for a different meal created from the main dish a second night, and sometimes even a bit of extra for a third meal or appetizer. When it comes to those small amounts of leftovers I think soups, salads, appetizers, strata, and pizza toppings. Cooking like this makes life easier during the busy holiday months too!

Here’s an example of using up just a tiny bit of leftovers to create a quick yummy meal or for the appetizer buffet for game days. This time I used store bought pizza crusts (I like the Mama Mary brand, thin crust), add sauce, shredded cheese and toppings. Bake until cheese is bubbly and just barely starting to brown.

Toppings shown here are a teeny bit of leftover steak (not enough to do much of anything else with), a little bit of leftover roasted asparagus, cherry tomato halves and sliced portabella mushrooms. It’s a bit different, but I promise it’s great! Almost anything can go on a pizza – GET CREATIVE! 🙂

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~3 Sides of Crazy~

This looks fantastic. You’d never know it was made with leftovers. The roasted asparagus reminds me that MIL asked me earlier if they still made asparagus and artichokes. I just thought I’d give you a laugh. I told her I was sure God still allowed them both to be grown.