It’s all about YOUR attitude and perception ~ Practice Random Kindness

Today I thought we’d deter from the physical world to examine our attitudes. It is very easy at this time of year to become sooooooooooo busy that many people also become petty and even mean. I’m here to say that

It really is all about the right attitude and your perception of any given situation. I was raised to believe that if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything. I was also raised to believe that it is the thought that counts and to always say please and thank you. During the past couple of weeks I have watched, I mean really watched those around me here and as I shop and do my errands and I have begun to realize that I feel like much of the time lately most people are not acting the same way whether they were raised that way or not. Much of what I keep seeing around me is selfish people who truly believe their wants come first and foremost no matter what. I hate to admit I am seeing it in my own FIL, A LOT and it’s so sad! I try very hard to smile and try to help them see that by acting kindly despite their attitude.

In my personal profile I wrote: As a Christian woman I believe life is all about change and that learning to cope with it as it happens will help you through life. I believe in Murphy’s Law, the Domino Effect, Payback’s a Bitch, and Karma. I also believe that Pay It Forward and living by the Golden Rule go a long way to keep the former from happening to begin with. I believe everything happens for a reason and that life is one big adventure. I try to see life through rose colored glasses and be as tolerant as possible. My glass is always half full. I am an optimist, extremely positive minded and usually a really upbeat person so anything goes within reason.
I really believe these things and TRY to live by them. My FIL and I differ on the meaning of the text associated with the Golden rule. He believes that those with the gold rule, which is true to a point, but I prefer to believe that given the opportunity most people will do the right thing. I seem to be so naive, even at my age, but will continue to hope for the best.

In Eastern beliefs, the karmic effects of all deeds are viewed as actively shaping past, present, and future experiences.

The Pay it Forward Foundation, the Random Acts of Kindness Organization and the Pay it Forward Movement offer many opportunities and stories for you to find your good attitude.

But I try to make it a good one at all times.
A good attitude can motivate you more than anything else!
How is your attitude doing this Christmas season?
Do you smile and say excuse me when someone accidentally bumps into you, even if it was their fault?
Do you let a mother with young children go ahead of you in line?
Do you pay for the meal of a soldier in a restaurant?
Do you make a Christmas meal for an elderly couple or help with Meals on Wheels?
Do you drop a quarter or a dollar in the Salvation Army bucket at the grocery store?
Do you collect canned goods for the food drive for the needy or a local food bank?
Do you donate toys to an Angel tree programs?

If you have time check out these 13 positive thoughts. They will make you smile.