Look out Magazine Monday, here I come…

Magazine Mondays are hosted by Ivonne at Cream Puffs in Venice and I just love spending time creating posts for her and seeing what everyone else is sharing.
With no fence and 2 big dogs, circumstances have demanded more walking which I am loving! Living remotely in the country has posed a few problems especially with the adverse weather systems this past few weeks and I will finally get DSL later today. That will help with not having to make daily trips into the Library to use the internet. At the worst of the storms even the library’s internet wasn’t working. On an up note the library sells old magazines 3 for a $1 which I loaded up on a bunch of cooking magazines. I just love a good deal too. I saved over $55 off the face value of these magazines.

With all the time I would have been spending on the internet and wasn’t I was able to make the next 6 months of menu plans (sorry Martha M). Fortunately hubby doesn’t mind being my guinea pig. I planned the next 6 months using recipes I have had cut out for years or dug out of grams old pile so I could justify all the new tear outs. So look for new recipes to start appearing here at 3 Sides of Crazy AND over at OUR KrAzY kitchen too.
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