Refreshing Cup of Coffee

Last Wednesday I spent a beautiful sunny afternoon in a neighboring college town roaming through bookstores, antique shops for various pieces of china for food photography on my new blog, Always Eat On The Good China and took time out to treat myself to a cappuccino.

I had seen a Starbucks, but thought I’d try another cute little shop I’d seen. I went into Peets Coffee & Tea for that treat. And boy was I treated. Not only did I get the best Mocha Caramel Cappuccino I’d had in a long time, I was also treated to be waited on by one of the most pleasant college kids I’ve met in years.

Ethan was so personable and chatted at ease will making my cappuccino. It was like chatting with an old friend. When I told him I was new to the area he introduced himself (really refreshing to see manners in kids today), shook my hand and welcomed me. We chatted easily about the values of wholesome food and the importance of proper food preparation, culinary school and Ethan told me about how his grandmother and mom put together a cookbookof hand written recipes for him that included recipes from both sides of the family. He was genuinely impressed by their efforts and I know he’ll enjoy them for years to come.

More importantly Ethan is a testament to family values and what a kind word and a smile can do. After all it left enough of an impression on me to sit down and write this post several days later. I guarantee I’ll continue to skip the Starbucks and go back to Peets Coffee & Tea.

As a follow up I received an email from Ethan’s manager this morning that I will share. She too deserves recognition for the follow-up:

Hi Tamy,

Thanks so much for letting me know about your recent experience in my store. I am always excited to hear great things about the team. Ethan is wonderful and we are very lucky to have him at Peet’s. It is also customers like yourself that make it easy for us to do what we love, serve you. I will pass this on to Ethan and post for all of the team to read. Thanks again and thanks for choosing Peet’s.

Jenna Bailey

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~3 Sides of Crazy~

Martha A let know and we’ll hit them all.

I agree Martha K and the sale was awesome – unfortunately hubby ended up super sick and we had to cut the trip short.

Joanne you summed it perfectly. 🙂

Joyce he is every parents dream for their daughter it would seem. He goes to school here, but who is to say he’s not from Washington? LOL that would be too funny – I’ll ask hime the next time I;m there.


I’ve been to one of the Peet’s in boston and absolutely loved it. Such a great atmosphere and good coffee. Way more personable than Starbucks!