Piña Colada Dip – A taste of the Caribbean ala Year on the Grill

OK, you thought of it when you read the title, may as well go ahead and click the play button and hum along while you read the post…

I love food.  I love recipes and I love bloggers that put it out there everyday.  I am not the kind of person that writes about a recipe that fails, I will usually find something positive about that recipe that I can talk about with out bringing up negative aspects.  I am just a positive fun loving guy.

So, having said all that, when I do come across a recipe that will change my life… Well, my eating life anyway… I am often at a loss for words for how to convey how much a recipe DOES succeed at every level.  This is one of those recipes that is so simple, yet so perfect in every way…

Low calories
Very healthy
But best of all, incredibly tasty!

First, credit is due COOKING TIP OF THE DAY where I saw this recipe earlier in the week.  I happened to have had everything I needed handy and a variety of fresh vegetables suitable for Linda’s dip.  If you check original post of the recipe (HERE), you will read that Linda recommended this for fruit (pineapple, bananas, apples, etc.).  This would make a GREAT dessert.  But I used it as a substitute for vegetables.  Either way, I can not hype this treat too much…

here’s what I did…

1 low fat Vanilla Yogurt
2 TBS shaved Coconut (toasted)
1 TSP Flavored Rum (Pineapple, Coconut, Black Cherry, Banana or in this case… Mango)
Raw vegetables cut for dipping… Carrots, Celery, Bell peppers, Mushrooms… Whatever happens to be in your fridge).

Toast the coconut by placing a thin layer of coconut on a sheet of parchment paper.  I put this under the broiler for just 3-5 minutes.  Keep an eye on it, fine line between toasted and burnt.

Mix 1/2 the coconut with the rum and yogurt, add the remaining coconut on the top to look pretty.

Dip and serve and you will lick the bottom of the bowl.

I have eaten pretty good on the island since I have arrived.  My cooking, as well as two or three restaurants a week… No exaggeration, this is the best thing I have eaten on the island.

In fact, next night I made almost the same thing…

Except I made the dip with Black Cherry Rum… Yum!

And as an aside, I came across a store that sells those rotisserie cooked chickens.  You’ve seen them, most larger stores seem to have them these days, certainly Wal-mart, Sam’s Club, etc. sell them.  I just sliced a few hunks of meat and served that with the veggies and dip.  A wonderful lower cal dish (I know, i could have taken the skin off, but it tastes sooooo good!).

I actually have two asides… First, imagine this dip with a peppery hot spicy chicken wing.  heat and sweet, a great combination.

And second, even here on the island where everything is expensive, the whole COOKED and very tasty chickens are only $6 and a raw uncooked chicken is $9… Does anyone have a reason???

Don’t be afraid of the rum, there is only 1 teaspoon… Just enough to add a bit of za za zing.

Thanks Linda, GREAT recipe idea.

I have been on island now for nearly three weeks, and all is going very smooth.  I am updating three blogs now with my adventures.  One is a scrapbook type with almost no wording, and just a bunch of photos from my day.  Yesterday I went snorkeling out my back door (beach is only 30 yards away).  Come see my photos I took of all the pretty fishies… 

FISH EVERYWHERE! Snorkeling out my back yard

I also have a blog that is featuring more Caribbean food ideas.  Right now I am trying to greet my hard working wife at the door at the end of her hard day with different frozen drinks, so I have done several posts on them lately.  As well as restaurant reviews and exotic ingredients…

A Kansas Foodie in the Virgin Islands

And as always, 

Who knew it was that easy!
Dave here from MY YEAR ON THE GRILLAs always, I was SO surprised to learn that I CAN COOK THAT!!!

Give me a little taste of home, and stop by the comment section. Let me know you won’t forget me while I am gone!

Oh, and one more update and question before I leave you all for a week –

Just in case you all think i am turning into a rummy since I landed, I have started (and kept up with) a 90 minute a day walk/explore the island, 10,000 aerobic steps a day diet (no change in food intake, but the theory is that if you walk 10,000 steps a day, you will lose weight).  I do not have a scale, but all the clothes I brought are fitting better.

But I do wonder, Does this Ass make my my Donkey look fat???  This was taken after I walked 3 miles ALL UPHILL to the highest lookout spot on the island.  the sweat stains were not photoshopped in.

See you all in a week!


Too funny! where did you get the donkey???

Thanks for the shout out… glad you loved the recipe as much as I did… I will have to look for all those flavored rums… I can see the future in lots of things with flavored rum!

Your veggies with the dip sound awesome.. will have to try it!

Martha's Menagerie

Looks yummy! I often go with the cooked chickens even here they are cheaper than buying uncooked! Weird. I have a photo of myself right where you are standing! In fact, I think it’s the same old donkey too, LOL! Did you feel all lightheaded up there? I sure was – then again I live in Florida, a pile of dirt is a mountain here. Glad you’re having a great time! 🙂

Bumpkin on a Swing

I can not wait to make this. I will be the life of the party with this come summer. New recipes are the best, thank you for helping me one up this one lady who always has the best dish. I think I may win this time!

The Bumpkin