Apple Fritters

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I made these fritters or pancakes during the holiday of Passover which is why I  used potato starch.  I would guess, you can sub in AP flour.  Apples, especially cooked are delicious and some of my best desserts are made with apples.  These fritters could have been blueberry, banana, peaches or whatever your favorite fruit is but apples felt right to me. These make a good breakfast, lunch, snack or even light dinner.  They are easy to make and good to eat.
Apple Fritters – Passover Style
4 apples, sliced, chopped or shredded
4 eggs
1/2 cup of sugar
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 cup potato starch
oil to fry in

Place oil in large skillet (12 inch).

I tried slicing the apples first because I like the fritters to be chunky but they would not fry consistently so I changed over to putting them in the food processor with the eggs, beating the eggs and chopping the apples, at the same time.
Add sugar, potato starch and cinnamon to to egg mix.
Mix well.
Drop by tablespoons or if you have a cookie scoop (small) use that and drop batter into hot skillet.
Brown on both sides.
Remove onto paper towels to drain.
Eat or place into baking pan for later use.

these look good – I bet if you used the “shredder” attachment for your food processor to shred the apple (kind of like cole slaw mix) and then mix it all together you would get more texture but still cook evenly. I may have to try these after the holidays (though breakfast on the 4th has possibilities)