FRIL (friend in real life) finally!

When I was getting ready yesterday, it was kinda weird.  I was going to meet an internet friend for the first time in real life if you will.  It felt a little odd to finally meet someone that I’d already had many a long and personal conversation with. But as soon as Diana slid into the booth we fell into an easy dialog as if we’d been meeting for lunch forever!

I too felt like I was talking to a long-time friend. I’ve been reading Diana for about 3 years over at Forgetfulone as well as all the facebook, emails and IM’s, so I felt like we’d been friends for a long while.
Diana treated me to lunch at Cheddar’s because I was the closest guess on her “Creative Liar” post.Next time is my turn!

I agree I couldn’t have had a better day yesterday unless I’d won a million dollars or something crazy like that. Can’t wait to see you again Diana!

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I’m glad you had a good time! A friend from Australia is coming to visit for 10 days on 7/3…Dave thinks it’s weird that I’m letting someone I never met stay in my home, but I feel like I know this person, I’ve been talking to her online for 3 years!


It was great! Absolutely fantastic! I can’t wait to meet for lunch again, and since it’s summer, we should plan on it again in a couple of weeks. K?