Cheers… Creamsicle Ice Cream Drink (hic)

It’s been a couple months since I posted a drink recipe.

With summer temps reaching their highs for the year during the next couple weeks in many areas, now more than ever we need…

ICE CREAM AND BOOZE with a splash of nostalgia.

Remember these guys???

That terrific taste of orange and ice cream on a stick.  Loved em, and missed em…

Till Now!

Only three ingredients…

make 2 drinks
(or only one if you can hide them from your wife while you are grilling)

1/2 cup Orange Juice
3 good size scoops of Ice Cream
2 shots of Creme de Banana Liquor

Plop everything into a blender…
Blend away for @30 seconds.

If you want a thicker drink, add more ice cream.

More orange taste, add more Orange Juice.

In fact, there is a virgin version of this drink…

1/2 cup Orange Juice
3 good size scoops of Ice Cream
1 pealed Banana 

You may need to blend this virgin version longer to get everything smooth.

And when you drink these, plug in that CD of steel drum music that you bought when you were on a cruise.

It just does not sound as good without the ocean in the background.

Dave here from MY YEAR ON THE GRILL. It really is just this easy!  


And so can you!


Actually it does bring me back, my grandma always had creamsicles in her large chest freezer in the breezeway. We could always go out and grab one. Yum, I have to make these.


Oh yes, I remember those Creamsicles. I loved those things!!
That drink sounds great! My wife and I took a cruise to the Bahamas for our honeymoon and I remember that even before the ship set sail, they offered free Bahama Mommas (the last free thing on that boat) and they had a steel drum band playing. It was so cool and this, in the middle of December.
Thanks again for the drink recipe 🙂

Martha (MM)

Delicious! I may not be on an island but at least I’m at the beach and have my own drum circles to sit down and sip these treasures – now if only I could find the time to go, ack! Hope you are continuing to enjoy the island life Dave 🙂