SO I HAVE A QUESTION????????????

Are you a Facebook fan? Do you play Facebook apps? Do you Twitter? Have blogs become passe’? This is a debate that some of my friends and family have been having or rather are having on an ongoing basis. Is you day being eaten up by computer time?

I ask all these questions because there seems to be a trend going on in the blog world. Comments appear to be disappearing all over the place. Participation in contests and memes appear to be diminishing.  Viruses are piggy backing on facebook apps and even google search engines. So is it because you are all glued to computer games or is it like any other journaling, it just loses its appeal after a while? Or is everyone out bar hopping and singing karoke? I’d love to hear what your take is?

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Queen-Size funny bone

I use one app on facebook and thats a game. blogging slowed ddown for me because I felt no one really wanted to hear what was going on. I’m tryingto get back into again. and fb is instant and quick responses

The Local Cook

I use Twitter and Facebook, and I blog and read lots of blogs. Each is a different medium. I also still watch TV and read magazines (the actual printed kind). Memes and contests are great and all but I think participation is down because they are all over the place and aren’t the primary content that people are looking for.