Plan now to Steal – A recipe for your kid’s Halloween Candy

Save your kids from a lifetime of obesity… Steal their candy and make these little delights for yourself…

Fast and easy… Little baby candy bars and some puff pastry…

Wrapped in a square of puff pastry and you have a nice tasty little treat (and the kids stay fit and healthy).

A couple hints, roll out the puff pastry just about as flat as you can.  The pastry puffs up (duh).  You want these to stay bite size.  And the egg wash I talk about is VERY important.  Without good seals, the guts will blow out the pastry and not look right (tastes fine, but you want the little bundles, not a flatbread treat).

1 4X4 square of rolled out Puff Pastry
1 Egg, beaten for an egg wash to seal edges
a bit of candy bar… I used 1/2 a reese’s and/or 2 of the mini Crunch

And, pretty much that’s it… 

Bring the 4 corners together over the stuffing, press edges to seal and do a twist of the top.  Bake them in a 350 degree oven on parchment paper for 35 minutes and you have a Candy bar in a pastry!

Garnish with some fruit and drizzled chocolate if you like.  Garnish with the fruit just to keep the little darlings away from your stash!

Dave here from MY YEAR ON THE GRILL. It really is just this easy!  


And so can you!


Sooo yummy! You, very unfortunately for me, reminded me of my super favorite chocks – reese’s. I simply adore them and here (in Europe mostly) it is simply not possible to buy them. Last time I ate them in 2008! Imagine. And now this wonderful bites that you propose. Ah!