ANY TIME IS CASSEROLE TIME ~ Watch for my upcoming review!!!!!!

I’ve been searching for a swing set for my nephews, but I keep getting sidetracked with everything else CSN Stores has to offer. I’m also looking for cookware, cutlery and small appliances, so there is sooooooooooooooooo much to see at CSN Stores.

My friend Marley over at CSN contacted me about doing a review for CSN Stores. How could I possibly say no with all of the wonderful opportunities they have given me to do reviews and offer you giveaways over the past year?  Well, I couldn’t.   This offer came at a perfect time for me.

So I’m going to review this Lecreuset Bakeware for CSN Stores and will introduce some great new recipes to go along with it.  Watch for my upcoming review.
I am doing some reorganizing to kick off the New Year. CSN has the largest and finest selections, and their prices can’t be beat! Help me shop for that swing set. Click the link above the photo and tell me which ones are your favorites. Also be sure to head over to my food blog, Our KrAzY kitchen for a CSN Giveaway!