Yes, I know that was the title of my last post.  Unfortunately it still fits today, but for new reasons.  As many of you know I was told I had Ovarian cancer and I underwent surgery to remove a large  volleyball sized ovarian tumor as well as many other parts that resided in the abdominal cavity on February 1st.  We truly thought the worst was over as I began my recovery from major abdominal surgery that left me with a 10 inch zipper and zilch for energy!
Unfortunately the pathology came back and while they do believe the cancer was contained within the tumor without spillage, they are now calling it cancer of an unknown primary source because of the tissue type.  Cancer gets very complicated and is “named” based on the primary source of the cancer.  Even a metastasized cancer is always called by the primary cancer source’s name.  For example a man may have prostate cancer and then they find it has spread to the bones.  He doesn’t now have bone cancer, but metastasized prostate cancer.  
There is a reason that they call what doctors do “practicing”.  The bottom line for me is that they are now searching for the “primary” source and are hedging towards a “preventative” round of chemo.  My niece suggested a holistic approach as opposed to the chemo and she can rest assured that is high on my priority list, especially without definitive answers to the contrary!
So, here I am trying to heal from the surgery which isn’t exactly going well, searching for the original cancer source and praying that they don’t need to open me up again (I don’t think I could stand that) or that I will need to go through chemo!   I am not a patient, sit around person to begin with and I’m already chomping at the bit even though my body is resisting my need to get busy again.  So, the moral of this story is listen to your doctors, but BE YOUR best advocate.  Ask questions and if you don’t like the answers ask more questions.  Never hesitate to get 2nd or even 3rd opinions!

I absolutely agree about the 2nd and 3rd opinions. I’m afraid my mom has had too many unnecessary procedures because she treats the doctors as if they walk on water. They are not always right, and they don’t always have the answers. If you find that a holistic approach suits you better, go for it. My mom did chemo with both her cancers. The first time it wasn’t bad. The 2nd, it was. My mother-in-law did radiation. it wasn’t too bad. My husband’s uncle tried the surgical/chemo route. It didn’t work for him, but his holistic method is working wondefully. It all depends on you and what you want and how you feel. God bless you, and keep me posted!