A sense of Irony ~ a trip to the C and Sea

We have a huge family!  And best to my knowledge there has been very little major illness in the immediate folds.  This makes me wonder how it is that my favorite BIL and I are both diagnosed with Cancer with in weeks of each other.  The irony comes with hubby and I deciding to stay on to help with my aunt and be in the right place when I was diagnosed to be treated by one of the best cancer treatment facilities in the world.  I know I’m blessed by the best doctor and team, but even more so to know that now my BIL is here for treatment from his awesome doctors.
While this not a celebration for either of us it was awesome to see our closest family and spend some time together.  We were both free of tests and appointments today and we took our act on the road.  We started in Galveston at Beachtown and walking the beach.

 SIL & Me
SIL, BIL, NEPHEW (yep he’s older than me)
Hubby (brother to SIL) and I
Where we encountered a beach full of Man o’ Wars, but there was something wrong.  None of them had an tentacles that we could find.  So I went on an internet search to see what was up and I found that after strong onshore winds, you can often find beached Portuguese man-of-war with their tentacles stuck in the sand. A closer look will usually reveal a crab beneath the surface winding up the long blue string.
 We also found many mole crab holes with recent digging.
From there we walked the Strand, checked out a few stores and bought the important stuff – thanks so much SIL the apple and fudge are very much appreciated!, had drinks with chips and salsa and visited.
And then we visited the Kemah Boardwalk and walked some more, ate some more, fed some birds, forgot to get someone to take a picture of the 5 of us so we could all be in the same picture, visited some more and laughed a lot.
We stopped to make plane boarding reservations and then to get a serious flat tire fixed.
Then we ended the day at a favorite restaurant (you guessed it) with more food and drink, lots of well wishes and hugs!  Now we pray for positive. half glass full results for us both!  It was my first big day out and I’m exhausted, but in a “I’m so glad we have a loving family” way!

So much fun! But sorry for the reason he’s here. Hope he’s getting treatment as good as yours. I LoVE all the photos! You got some great ones! And I have to ask, what is your fave restaurant? Sorry about the tire!


What a shock to read about your diagnosis! I am so sorry and will send prayers, well wishes and positive thoughts your way by the dozens. I am glad you had this great day out with family. It looks like you had a great time.