Hi, my name is Gisele (you can call me Gigi) I live on the 37 square mile island of St Martin/St Maarten in the Caribbean. You won’t find it on most paper world maps, it’s the smallest country to be peacefully shared by two Nations Holland and France. I love hiking, photography and food, I also enjoy blogging about my adventures. I’m delighted to have been asked to join the crew here at Our Krazy Kitchen as one of the hosts of Try A New Recipe Tuesdays! I’ll be posting on every 3rd Tuesday of the month. I’m pretty exited! Sometimes the recipes will be just new to you, or new to me or new to us all! Or maybe a new twist on an old fave! I hope to bring a French-Caribbean twist to the table. I really hope you enjoy my contribution, let me know what you think ok?
Here we go….
Nothing means French to me more than Tarte aux Fraises. It’s one of my Favorite french deserts and I always get it when I go to the bakery, I always thought it was super complicated until I tried it.
This particular recipe, the measurements are metric, you can convert them using this site or this one.


For the Pie crust you’ll need
200gr of flour
100gr of butter
80gr of sugar
1 egg
1 pinch of salt
or you can also use pre-made pie crust

For the Crème patissière (Pastry cream)
1/2 ltr of Milk
3 eggs yolks
100 gr of sugar
50 gr of flour
50 gr of butter
250gr strawberries. I used more, eye balled it. 1 1/2 rectangular plastic container they come in.

  • Combine all ingredients then spread crust in pie pan, bake and let cool. i baked mine covered in foil with an extra pie pan inside to keep it from puffing up. You can also use those acrylic beans thingies.
  • Heat milk.
  • Whisk egg yolks and add sugar then flour while still whisking.
  • Add hot milk slowly and return to heat and continue vigorous whisking until cream thickens. Let cool. I added some vanilla extract to the mixture about 1 1/2 teaspoons.
  • Wash cut and then soak strawberries in simple syrup to cut down the natural acidity.

  • In cooled pie crust, spread pastry cream then layer strawberries. serve chilled. I heated some strawberry jam and brushed it over the pie.that gave it a glossy look.

And Voila! The finished product.

  • The pie should be refrigerated before cutting and serving. I couldn’t wait more than a few minutes and just dug in.
  • Bon Appetit!

Welcome Gigi, it is so nice to meet you!(I am here at Our Krazy Kitchen the 3rd Sat) I have been to St Martin/St Maarten and enjoyed it so much. Looking forward to seeing the recipes that you will be bringing us. I love trying new things! The tart looks devine!


Bonjour Gigi.
Yes I know St Martin Very well; my husband and I were there 5 times for our winter escape. It is paradise; lucky you and hope to see more of your recipes. Je garde ta recettes de tarte aux fraises!