A to Z Blogging Challenge

One of the things I have noticed most is that I just don’t have my energy back yet!  It seems like my daily list never gets finished these days making the next day’s list even longer!!!!!!  So I’m playing catch up today for the A-Z Blogging Challenge.


Sunday was the Letter I ~ INVITATIONS and the etiquette to do them correctly.
Monday was the Letter J ~ for all the JELLY Beans I’ve been making myself sick with.
Tuesday was the Letter K ~ KITTENS and all their “Kuddliness”.
Wednesday was the Letter L ~ LOVE – it really does make the world go round!
Thursday was the Letter M ~ MONDAY which is approaching all too fast!!!!!!!!!!!
Friday was the Letter N ~ NOMAD the life I’ve led of late.
Saturday was the Letter O ~ OCEAN I miss so much being in the mid west now.
and today is the Letter P ~ PRAYER and the belief it can add to your life.

What a great new meme. I’d like to say I’ll play, but I know I won’t have the energy. I only get on line a few times a week now. I’d forever be playing catch-up and it’s not fair to the rest who play.

Have a very Blessed Easter!