I called my doctor’s office this morning because of serious side affect concerns (nothing important, just congestive heart failure)  from a new drug he put me on.  He’s not in on Fridays, but I was asked to call back in 15 minutes to speak with the person that could help me.  REALLY??  I asked if the couldn’t just take my name and number and have them call me when they were available and you’d think I’d ask the girl to fly to the moon.  With an exaggerated sigh she said, “okay, what’s your name and number?” and then offered up another exaggerated sigh and hung up.  Like I said, REALLY?? How unprofessional is this? 

Ironically I’m only on this new prescription because he doesn’t particularly like the one I was on from a previous doctor.  I had been on it for quite some time, it worked, but I no longer live there.  I just needed a refill of the prescription that worked!!!