Is everybody as happy to see 2011 go as I am?  I have high hopes and super positive attitudes towards what 2012 has in store for each of us.
I’m not a resolutions girls, but I am a list girl. So I’m making my lists of all the good things I want to come my way and then I’m going to see what I can do to make each of those things come true.  These days it’s so easy to just say wait and see, but my goal this year is to proactively set my life in motion! And I’m ridding myself of all the baggage that makes indecision so easy to live with.

Over at THE Motivation Station, Martha has challenged us to:

For the month of January – The 100 things challenge!

“Unlike the original 100 Things Challenge to get rid of everything we own other than 100 things we will start much smaller – how about a challenge to get rid of 100 things in the month of January?

It doesn’t matter if you donate, sell, giveaway, throw in the garbage, or recycling – the goal is just to get 100 things out of your home no matter how big or small.”

Martha has started another blog also, Minimalist in the Making and would love to have you join her in the endeavor.  She’s looking for some guest posters too so go check it out.
She and I have agreed that minimalism can be defined as the least number of things to make your life livable.  You don’t have to go crazy to accomplish this.

So far for her challenge that began today to get rid of 100 things (which sounds like a lot) I’ve gotten rid of 37 easily.  Sitting here right now today in the donate to St. Vinnys pile is a plug in ice chest (that we hate), a DVD player, and 2 sweat shirts.  There are 6 magazines and 22 books I’m taking to the VA on Wednesday and 5 DVDs. So 37 down, 63 to go.