It must be the blue moon this month, but everywhere I look, people are grumpier, ruder and downright ignorant, everyone but my dogs!

I’m a strange woman in as much as I’m not a “typical woman shopper” per se.  I make a list and stick to it.  I organize my list by like items and when I get to the store I just go down the list, toss the items in the basket and move on.  I also push my cart on the right side of the aisle (just like you drive a car) and if I need to stop to read a label, I make sure the cart is as far out of the way as possible.  I say excuse me if I need to reach near someone and try to smile and stay positive.   It’s just common courtesy.

But damn if people aren’t trying their damnedest to push all the buttons this month!  One woman in particular parked her cart sideways in the middle of the already too narrow aisle and proceeded to walk up and down the aisle selecting multiple items to bring back to her cart and DAMN if she wasn’t the loudest and most obnoxious woman I’ve ever met when I scooted her cart to the side so I and several others could get by.  Another man was cutting all the corners on the aisles and ending up head on with all the shoppers who were acting as if people were going in 2 directions.

Then, there’s the woman with 3 chihuahuas in a zippered stroller who claims they are service dogs and allowed into the grocery store.  She was neither blind, deaf or disabled.  The dogs by her own account they are just “cute” and couldn’t be left in the hot car while she grocery shopped.  HELLO?  Why not just leave them home?  

Then there was the clerk at Best Buy who did his best to make me look like a fool and called me a liar when I asked for a specific part when my car alarm remote took a dump.  He continually argued that what I was trying to explain to him had never been available and that I didn’t know what I was talking about.  No wonder Best Buy is in so much financial trouble.  He said the only way to fix it was put in a new alarm and that it wasn’t possible to get a new remote for an existing alarm – what an idiot.  I did speak with the general manager, but then took my business to the mom and pop business further down the street.

Last month I bought Q-tips at Target, house brand that were on sale for an incredible price.  Now I know why.  Very little cotton on the ends and the sticks break easily. Items like this really are better brand name while mustard according to hubby is fine house brand.

And once again what’s up with checkers at Walmart who ONLY speak Spanish?  HELLO? We are in America, I’m paying with American money and expect to be spoken to in English.  And don’t even get me started on “entitlement attitude” of teenagers in particular, but others too.

Now that rant aside, I am beginning to feel like a real human being again.  2 major surgeries and treatments (ovarian cancer and stomach reconstruction) in less than a year and a half has taken a serious toll on my energy and strength.  This last surgery in particular has messed with my favorite foods.  So, I’m really happy to be able to cook again even if hubby is the only one who gets the spicy flavorful parts.  I promise to get back to serious blogging soon!