I found this great opportunity over at Seaside Simplicity and jumped at the chance to join Martha and Sandy over at Hob Nobbers.  Sandy is hosting a great little workshop, Live Your Dream Life Now. I really needed the motivation to start off 2013 right!

I too love things like this, and it came along just at the right time for me. I have been feeling completely stuck lately. My mind has been constantly racing in a big giant circle as to what to do, what choices and changes to make, and how it will affect my life and my family.  For those who know me well you probably already know I’m talking mainly about our adventure with VA red tape and my health. The VA paperwork has become all consuming. I’m not enjoying anything about it at all! It’s leaving me with almost zero energy to do any of the things I want to do, or even the things I need to do. Many areas of my life are suffering because of it.

Sandy’s workshop is going to help get me and my mind off this roller coaster ride. I’m  still looking for that epiphany I talked about last week.  The desire to get all the crap out of my life is overwhelming and  I’m more than ready to live a happy and fulfilling life.

What are you waiting for, head over to sign up too!  
We’re just beginning so there’s still time to sign up on the ground floor so to speak.
 Have journal ready – raring to go!

Love how you decorated your journal. I got everything but the last question done last night. Hope to be able to work on the next session a little at the time over the week.