I am playing along with Martha at Seaside Simplicity with the meme Flashback Friday.   Come join in on the fun and link up your photo.

You can just see the teenage angst in my posture alone.  I started out looking for a picture of a Holly Hobbie dress for Martha to see and have yet to find it, but I now have found so many others I don’t even know where to start. I do remember that the hat I’m wearing and I were never far apart for quite some time.  It looks like I was about 15 and obviously didn’t want to go Sequoia with my parents, kid brother and eccentric grandfather.

FF - 03012013 - hat



Look at your itty-bitty waist, Tammy!

Forget high-definition … you’re right, the body language tells a story all it’s own. (And gosh, can I ever relate – lol!)


You’ve reminded me I had a Holly Hobbie doll way back when. I love these old photos…I’m visiting from Martha’s. She stumbled across my blog yesterday and let me know about her meme. I’ll have to dig thru some of my old pics for next week now too. Have a great weekend!


It’s hard to really see the photo (so many of my old ones are like that too) but can definitely read that teen body language, lol! Thanks for linking up Tamy 🙂