So far we are getting quite a bit accomplished this week.  Yesterday we FINALLY started on the laundry area.  LOL we had to since we wanted to finish the kitchen floor and the old laundry area “framework” was in the way.  To make things funnier we ran out of flooring today before we actually got that far.

This wall has been a sore spot for quite awhile and was the first thing opened up after they stared the foundation work because of the plumbing they broke so we’ve been anxious to get this done.  At first glance it doesn’t look so bad, but there are SO MANY things happening here – like the rotting header above and the collapsing water heater base below.
If you look close you’ll see 2 white PVC pipes.  If you look even closer you’ll see that the yellower one connects to nothing LOL
Looking a little better, but so far yet to go.
After I opened the outer wall I found this mess.  At least this rat’s nest really was old and abandoned, but got really freaked out by the egg shells below.  Needless to say I took a really long and really hot shower as soon as we were done with this area!  Today was trash day also so everything was bagged and out of here ASAP!
I just don’t understand how a professional installed this new water heater 2 1/2 years ago and did so on this rotted collapsing base instead of bring it to code.
New header and temporary ceiling.  Finishing this area will be a multi-stage process involving the electrician and plumber, but at least it is ready for the next step now.  The water heater closet is getting moved to the far right behind the door. To the left of that will be a stacking washer and dryer set.  To the left of that will be 3 feet of base cabinet and 3 feet of upper cabinets to match the rest of the kitchen.
Back to buy more flooring, but so much better than the slab we’ve been walking on!
Tamy Bollar

Thank you! It really is feeling better and better! That is the end of the gross stuff thank goodness! Each day truly does seem better than the day before.

Carrie B.

Rock on Girl!! You guys are doing such a great job – and will be so nice when you reach the day you don't have to deal with any more gross stuff! Lol What you've accomplished so far looks awesome Hon. Love that floor!! 😉 xoxo