Participating in BLOGMAS helps get me in and keep me in the Christmas spirit. There is a new prompt for each day.  It is a lot of fun to read about each other’s traditions and family recipes and pictures. Be sure to join up with Sandra at DIARY OF A STAY AT HOME MOM to play along with BLOGMAS 2016.

This year we are forgoing BIG gifts again and doing stockings only since this house has eaten up all our disposable cash so fast!  We are planning a trip in the spring though and calling it our Christmas present to each other.

Tamy Bollar

So glad Curt is back to work, that must be a HUGE relief. Good thing for you and I that Christmas is really all about the family, preparation and food. Our wish lists will wait 😀


Love your list. You know this year is tough for us as well, lots been going on, hubby laid off and only now back at work. The only ones we're really concentrating on are the kids. Hence my WISH list, things I want but know I won't get hahahah

Carrie B.

Love your list Tamy! My Hubby and I usually don't buy gifts for each other. We save it for something for the house or a trip too. I'm with you – wishing on world peace most of all this year! 😉