How I decorate each year changes based on my mood, weather, etc… so it will never be the same twice! EXCEPT for the 1st picture the other pictures are Christmases past.  The remodel is almost done and at least we have a FULL tree this year.  As for us we PREFER real trees, but this year a real tree was going to cost an arm and a leg and be a long drive away.  We decided with the remodel this year to break down and buy an artificial tree.  SHHH don’t tell hubby, but I really love this tree. Next year we’ll have a real tree again.  We figure we actually saved money and can donate the tree to the women’s shelter too.

This is actually the back of the tree, but it was the only way I could get a picture of the whole tree with the star.

Snowman Family then
Snowman Family now

We made the candle yule logs for Advent craft night at church one year and they were a HUGE success and soooooooo easy to do.


These are a few of my new favorites.

My cousin that passed away in 2014 made this ornament for me.  From now it will always be hung by my shooting stars in her honor. That is after I get done being mad at her for leaving me this mess to deal with.

And our new handmade ornament by the Design Chick.  I can show you this now that both DIL’s have received theirs in the mail.

And of course the Christmas cacti decorate themselves.

Carrie B.

I'm finally back sharing today with blogmas now that my computer is working. And I'm actually going to be sharing my home in a tour tomorrow if you want to check it out!

So pretty – and so cool that you could have such a tall tree with that vaulted ceiling!! I love your snowman family. They just make me smile. 😉

And such fun ornaments – and I LOVE the extra special ones. The one you designed is awesome! Hope you're getting lots of time to snuggle in and enjoy Hon!