Kitchen Aid ~ Designer Color DIY Makeover

That said, let’s move on to something fun. Do you have an appliance that needs an update? You know the one that works fine, but doesn’t look so great. With a little masking tape and some of today’s wonderful spray paints, you can DO-IT-YOURSELF and easily.

This post was originally written for Barbara. We were chatting and talking about the wonders of Kitchen Aid mixers and realized we had the same one. I purchased mine after the 1994 Northridge earthquake as a replacement for my old one that had been literally destroyed along with the rest of my kitchen. That was 23 years ago. A few years ago when we moved to our old house, the original white (the only color available back then) just stood out like a sore thumb, now that I had room to keep it on my counter top but it was in perfectly good shape. I couldn’t justify spending the money in this economy for a new designer color. So I purchased a $5 can of Copper Hammer paint and did it myself! The copper color goes with my new “old” country style kitchen.

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