BLOGMAS 2019 – DAY 19 – 2020 IDEAS

Christmas is full of tradition and with tradition comes a cyclic nature in how we do things year after year.  Our traditions and practices though stem from our experiences.  As life progresses things change and evolve over time. This year we decided to “downsize” or streamline our decorations to only those that really mean something to us.  I honestly used the Feng Shui method on every decoration and ornament.  I have already donated the discards so I can’t change my mind.  So my ideas for 2020 are to decorate almost identically to how I decorated this year.  I LOVE our tree and am going to try and quit trying to invent the wheel with changing things.  There are still a few boxes to go through, but I see even more donations in the future 😀

This is a category I have given a lot of thought to OVER AND OVER, year after year, and while I no longer really want an upside down tree, I find the story of its origin very interesting. 
I found several places offering background on the upside down tree. One was, which also has many other links for Christmas history to check out too.

“Christmas is associated with many traditions, of which the Christmas Tree is an inherent part. The history of the upside down Christmas Tree has its roots in the 7th century. It is during this period that St Bonafice journeyed from Devonshire, England to Germany to preach the message of God. He engaged himself in religious as well as social work and spent a lot of his time in Thuringia, a town located in Germany itself, which is the birthplace of the industry dealing with Christmas Decorations.

It is believed that St Boniface, while staying in Thuringia, took the help of the triangular fir tree to represent the Holy Trinity made up of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. As a result, the converted people started to [consider] the Fir tree as God’s Tree. Then St Bonafice, using this triangular shaped tree tried to introduce to the pagan tribes the paragons of Trinity.

By the 12th century, it became a custom, especially in Europe to hang the Fir trees upside down from the ceilings to symbolize the Holy Trinity. The Upside down Christmas Trees was also considered the symbol of Christianity. However, the real history behind the hanging of the upside down Trees remains vague. Presently the trend of hanging a Christmas Tree has changed, because nowadays the tip of the Christmas Tree is made to point towards Heaven, as many think that an upside down Christmas tree is a sign of contempt.”

St. Boniface~Wikipedia
St. Boniface~New Advent


I always thought the meaning of the upside down tree was to keep the cats, dogs, and babies away 😉 LOL. Be hard to get the presents to stick to the ceiling as well, I think. Silliness aside, I did find the history of it interesting but don’t think I’d care for it much. Have you ever seen this in someone’s home? I think I’ve seen them at a store but not in the home of anyone I knew.


I saw it somewhere (wish I could remember where), but I think it was commercially (maybe at the Houston Galleria) and I’m sure it was to accommodate their needs, not for any traditional meaning.

Carol S.

I have never seen anyone hang their tree upside down and it looks very odd to me, but if it is someone’s tradition and there is a meaning behind it, then I say it is fine.

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