This Chicken Parmesan is a family favorite! Tender pan fried chicken breasts topped with marinara sauce and cheese that is baked until golden and bubbly. It’ll look like you spent hours in the kitchen but this Parmesan chicken recipe comes together easily with ingredients you probably already have in the pantry!

Serve over spaghetti, egg noodles or even mashed potatoes for the perfect weeknight dinner. Chicken Parmesan is thought to be a variation of Eggplant Parmesan, a super traditional Italian recipe! Traditionally, chicken Parmesan is a fried breaded chicken breast topped with marinara sauce and melted cheese making for a deliciously filling dinner that is ready in under 30 minutes! Chicken Parmesan is often deep fried, but this version is breaded and pan fried and then topped with marinara and cheese.


4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
2 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon avocado oil
2 LARGE eggs, beaten
1/2 cup Italian bread crumbs
1/4 cup powdered Parmesan cheese
4 slices Provolone cheese
1/2 cup shredded Parmesan cheese

  • Pound the chicken to 1/2″ to ensure even cooking. If the chicken breasts are extra large, you can cut them in half before breading. I can often find thin sliced chicken steaks that are perfect from the get go.
  • Pat dry.
  • Set up dredging station with beaten eggs in one bowl, Wonder flour in another and bread crumbs and Parmesan mixture in the 3rd bowl.
  • Dip into the beaten eggs and then the Wonder flour.
  • Dip again into egg mixture and then the breading Parmesan mixture.
  • Press the breading onto the chicken to help it adhere.
  • Heat butter and oil in cast iron skillet until melted.
  • Brown the chicken breasts 2 minutes on each side.
  • Place chicken breasts in a casserole dish and top with marinara sauce, Provolone and Parmesan cheese. DO NOT SKIMP ON THE CHEESE! The gooey cheese is part of what really makes the best chicken Parmesan!

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