A to Z challenge 

The first term I want to share with you is FIREBOX – The fire-chamber of a locomotive-boiler. It is jacketed with a water-chamber to prevent radiation of heat. The fire-box door may also be double and have a circulation of water through the hinges. A partition in the box sometimes divides the fire-space into two parts, and, being full of water, increases the fire surface. But, of course I don’t have a picture of this 🙂

It is near impossible to find #RailArt on a lumber FREIGHT CAR, but it’s almost a given that it will also have cargo cars that do 😀 FREIGHT TRAIN – A FREIGHT train is constructed and used for the carriage of merchandise.


Freight trains are what I have here. They’re interesting, all the different cars. We have a lot carrying plywood from the mill, and it brings grain to the feed elevator. If I want a passenger train I have to drive 80 miles to Amtrak. I’ve done it to pick up or drop off, but now I encourage travelers to fly from our airport 2 miles away! Greyhound goes from town once a day, but lately the train doesn’t go through until morning, so who’d want to sleep overnight in the Klamath Falls train station?

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