Here we go. Another year has passed and the holidays are upon us again! DAY 1 of BLOGMAS 2023 has me asking you what your holiday decorating schedule is.

I have to admit I’m one of those people who can’t wait to decorate and leave it up for longer than most. We passed our neighbor last Tuesday and he was out putting up his Christmas lights and candy canes right next to his blow up Turkey for Thanksgiving. I had to laugh because while my house IS already decorated inside I made hubby promise to wait until today to begin decorating outside 😀 In our neighbor’s defense he was quite ill last year and never got to decorate at all so he gets a pass on the early decorating and he promised to wait until tonight to turn the lights on!

We’ll be at our favorite local Christmas tree farm when they open this morning at 9AM to pick out 2 wreaths for the front porch.

  • Are you a traditional or trendy decorator? I’m a traditional, sentimental decorator. I still have ornaments from when I was a kid and some of my grandparent’s things. We tend to have the same decorations year in and year out, but they may be in different places each year because I add a piece here or there and some even get donated or die by attrition.
  • Are you white lights or multi-colored? This category depends for me. Definitely multi-colored on the tree, but I have white on my sleigh and around the Santa Hot Air Balloon as a landing zone.
  • When do you decorate inside? PLEASE don’t laugh, but since COVID my tree has gone up at Halloween 😀 and stays up through AT LEAST King’s Day.
  • Outside? We wait until after Thanksgiving 😀
  • To Blow or NOT Blow? We’re yes on this category MOST of the time. Years with early snows or stormier than normal windy days we stray away from them.

Haha love your calendar.
I’m traditional, multi-colored on tree and rest is white. No blow up because of the darn winds or I’d have some for sure. Mid-november to beginning of January.


Some years our winds are bad also, but hubby stakes them REALLY WELL and ties them off to the house also. If they go then we’re probably in a version of The Wizard of Oz.


This post is timely as I’m slowly decorating this weekend, decided to just take my time instead of trying to do it all in a day. I’m not “allowed” to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving though I did cheat this year and put up my shower curtain early. To answer your questions: definitely traditional though I enjoy seeing the trends. I love all the lights! Something so pretty about white lights but then the colored ones add so much as well. We don’t do much outside decorating as I need help and my unpaid workers (aka husband and kids) aren’t very dependable about setting things up for me. I have some ideas for some small garden decorating this year. Not sure I understand the last question? Blow up decor? I do like it but it has to be tied down and my husband isn’t a huge fan so we usually don’t have any. Always enjoy blogmas & am glad you are doing it again this year!


LOVE your answers 😀 And yes Blow Up decor is what I was asking – I guess I should have made it more clear with a picture 😀 Hubby is really good about the outside, but we are not doing the blow up until tomorrow.

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