I really like Practical Magic. It’s probably the only one that I’ve watched more than once in its entirety besides Dirty Dancing, which I probably watched twenty times when it first came out. The others, I catch bits and pieces of here and there. Great movies!


Yeah, I think you’re missing You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, and I’ll even throw Groundhog’s Day into the mix. Hmm…oh and The American President. Wait, I know I’m missing some….ooh Overboard (I love the last line of that movie – it also goes along with my redemption themes), wait Bread and Tulips, shoot. I have to remember, tomorrow I’m going to make my own list – thanks for the idea!


Replace #8 with The Wedding Singer and #1 with You’ve Got Mail and you have my list! 🙂

Not familiar with Working, haven’t seen it. And I like Dirty Dancing, it’d probably be about 20 though for me… 🙂

I love While You Were Sleeping… Bill Pullman is one of my favorite actors. He reminds me of my hubby in a way in While You Were Sleeping… 🙂