Dream House

We dreamed of leaving Southern California and having a “REAL” house of our own with a big yard for the dogs. We found this one and fell in love with it after many months of searching~only it wasn’t for sale. So we kept looking. A couple of months later when we went back to close on another house (that fell through~what a Godsend!), this one was now for sale. So, we bought it, said good-bye to our family and friends, packed up all our belongings, hopes & dreams and animals (Gunner & Whiskey, Sady & Dickens too) and made the cross country move. 8 months later it has been a huge adventure and project, but we’re loving every minute (well almost ever minute). Next post I’ll lay out the overall plan, setbacks and the plan of attack to bring it into the 21st century while maintaining its Victorian turn of the century charm.