For awhile now I’ve been promising myself I’d learn to do 2 new crafts that I’ve always wanted to learn ~ stained glass windows and knitting. Well now I have no excuse not to do one of them.I came home today to this great big box on my porch and couldn’t remember ordering anything. By the time I parked and went in to let the dogs out I forgot about it. So late this evening when I went out to feed the deer I saw it and actually brought it in.

What a great surprise to find it was a birthday present from my cousin/sister (sometimes we can’t remember which since we’re so close) Jennifer. It was filled with all this great stuff and I can’t wait to read the book and get started!! I think she needs a scarf.


That box is a 320 foot skein of yarn!!!

Thanks for the encouragement. I think I’m going to enjoy it. I’ve been scanning through the instruction book in the evenings and can’t wait for a larger block of time to really try it.

Mary Ellen

I hope you love knitting as much as I do. The learning curve is about three projects. After that, your problem-solving skills are adequate to get you out of any dilemmas you might find yourself in. The yarns are so yummy and easily available now. Keep us posted on your progress!


Hope knitting comes easier for you than it does for me. I can knit but very slowly. My gauge always seems to be to tight. The last thing I did was some golf club head covers a few months ago. will take a picture and send to you. They turned out great. The house is looking good. You keep saying that you are getting close to “done” but can you really see the end? Love Mom